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English translation
春节是中国的传统新年,也是中国人一年里最重要的节日。在中国,过春节也叫“过年”。大年三十,每家每户都会换上新的对联,父母、兄弟姐妹聚在一起包饺子,吃团圆饭。大年初一,人们会去亲戚朋友家拜年,拜年的时候喜欢说“恭喜发财”,“新春大吉”,送给对方新年的祝福。爷爷奶奶、爸爸妈妈则会给孩子们压岁钱,希望孩子健康地长大。 今天是中国人一年里最重要的节日——春节。春节和公历的新年不同,对于所有的国家来说,公历的1月1日是新年,而春节是中国及全世界华人的节日。春节是按照中国的农历来计算的新年,很早很早以前,中国人就有庆祝春节的习俗,所以说,春节是中国的传统新年。
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春节是中国的传统新年,也是中国人一年里最重要的节日。在中国,过春节也叫“过年”。大年三十,每家每户都会换上新的对联,父母、兄弟姐妹聚在一起包饺子,吃团圆饭。大年初一,人们会去亲戚朋友家拜年,拜年的时候喜欢说“恭喜发财”,“新春大吉”,送给对方新年的祝福。爷爷奶奶、爸爸妈妈则会给孩子们压岁钱,希望孩子健康地长大。 今天是中国人一年里最重要的节日——春节。春节和公历的新年不同,对于所有的国家来说,公历的1月1日是新年,而春节是中国及全世界华人的节日。春节是按照中国的农历来计算的新年,很早很早以前,中国人就有庆祝春节的习俗,所以说,春节是中国的传统新年
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Chinese New Year
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Have you ever experienced Chinese New Year? So many dumplings, red couplets, lucky money, lively firecrackers, which are typical of the Chinese New Year atmosphere. Well, today, let us begin the New Year wonderful trip.
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Spring Festival is the traditional Chinese New Year, and is the most important Chinese festival of the year. In China, the Spring Festival is also called "Chinese New Year." New Year's Eve, every household will be put on the new couplet, parents, brothers and sisters together to make dumplings, a reunion dinner. New Year's Day, people will go to relatives and friends New Year, New Year, when we like to say "Congratulations and be prosperous", "Spring has arrived", gave each other New Year's blessing. Grandparents, parents will give children lucky money, want the child to grow up healthy. Today is the most important Chinese festival of the year - Spring Festival. New Year Spring Festival and the Gregorian calendar is different for all countries, the Gregorian calendar on January 1 is New Year, the Spring Festival is a festival in China and Chinese around the world. Lunar New Year is calculated according to Chinese New Year, long long ago, Chinese people have the custom of celebrating the Spring Festival, so that the Spring Festival is a traditional Chinese New Year.
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e gb
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