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Lesson Title:
naked marriage
Lesson Summary:
maybe you have heard about streaking. but have you heard about naked marriage? what is naked marriage? let's listen today's text.
Lesson Content:
x: have you heard that xiaoli is getting married the next week?
y: really? why he get married without any notice?i haven't heard about he had bought house.
y: they don't have house. they are going to rent house. they don't even buy rings.
x: ah? are they going to have a naked marriage?
y:yes, that's what they plan for.
x: how brave it is! i won't agree with that if it is me. how can you get married without the base of material?
y: it makes sense. but isn't it kind of naked marrige when our parents were getting married in their times.
x; it is different times now. at that time, the material isn't as rich as now.
y:but material doesn't mean everything. material is someting you can fight for together with your lovers after marriage.
y: whatever. i won't marry a guy who doesn't have car ,house,and money. even i would do that, my mother won't let that happen. what's more, a big wedding is something i want.
x: in my opinion, hat and no cattle isn't as good as putting its money in good use.
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Lesson Title:
A no-frills civil wedding ceremony.
Lesson Summary:
Perhaps you heard about ''to streak'', but did you hear about ''a no-frills civil wedding ceremony''? After all, what is '' a no-frills civil wedding ceremony''? Let's listen together to today's text.
Lesson Content:
Xin Tao : Did you hear that Xiao Li is getting married next week?
Yang Yang : Is that so? How come he didn't say a word that he's getting married? I didn' hear that he had bought a house.
X : The couple didn't buy a house. They will live in a rented apartment. They gave up the idea of buying a house.
Y : Ah? They planned a simple wedding indeed.
Y : How courageous! If it were me, I would not be able to do so!
Without material base, how could they get married?
X : Whatever somebody said, however you thought, at that time when our parents got married, there was no equivalent to such a
no-frills civil wedding ceremony.
Y : This present period is not the same. Of course, at that time there was no material wealth as today's.
X : But at that time, material didn't represent everything. A couple had to struggle after having got married.
Y : Anyway, I would not be willing to be married off to a man, who ''has no car'', ''has no house'', ''has no savings in the bank''.
Even if I would be willing, my mother would not be willing to marry off her daughter under such circumstances. Besides, I would want surely to have a magnificent wedding!
X : I have to say, rather than ''keep up appearances'' it would be better '' to use the money where it's needed most''.
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Lesson Title:
naked wedding ( a wedding lacking a base, such as money, a house or a car
Lesson Summary:
perhaps you have heard of "nude running" but have you heard of "naked wedding"? Just what is "naked wedding"? let us listen to today's lesson
Lesson Content:
have you heard that "xiao li" will get married next week?
* translator's note. I won't translate the rest cause I got bored.
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