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the Defense of Marriage Act
Lesson Summary:
The price of chinese house is really high, which makes the house become the most important property in a family. The implementation of the Defense of Marriage Act is ironic.
Lesson Content:
Are you going to get married? Alas, we haven’t bought the house. It seems that you can hear this conversation everywhere. Nowadays, having a house or not becomes the key of whether lovers can become couples. We get married because we have a house. We don’t get married because we don’t have a house. All the lovers get married becomes all those people having houses get married
12th August,2012, the Supreme Judicial Court announce the third judicial interpretation of the Defense of Marriage Act ,and the interpretation will come into effect from 13th August,2012. There are two main meaning of the Defense of Marriage Act. If the house was bought by parents, then whose parents bought it decides who will get the house; if the house was bought by taking out a housing loan before the marriage, then who paid the down payments would get the house after divorce. This announcement has caused great controversy. Some people think that the new l interpretation of the Defense of Marriage Act will change people’s Perspective on Mate Choice. young people won’t get married just for the house and the rough diamonds will become popular. However, some people have the different opinions that the new l interpretation of the Defense of Marriage Act is not fair to vulnerable groups in the marriage, for example, housewives. What’s more, some people think that according to the new l interpretation of the Defense of Marriage Act, there is no difference between marriage and cohabitation.

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