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从2013年1月1日起, 中国呢,开始实行新的交规。交规就是交通规则。仅仅几天,这部被誉为“史上最严的交规中”《禁止闯黄灯》这篇规定就被撤回了。其中“闯黄灯扣6分”带来的争议最大。黄灯的警示意义,好像一开始就不如“红灯停,绿灯行”那样令人印象深刻。公安部称啊,处罚闯黄灯的目的是培养驾驶人在路口减速慢行的习惯。而广大市民认为,如果闯黄灯也罚分,那么黄灯就失去其意义了,干脆直接采用红、绿两色信号灯。有的市民说“新交规实行第一天上路,试验了几十次黄灯问题,很难掌控。要么灯前50米左右就把车速降至极低——这必将给本就拥堵不堪的交通造成更大灾难;要么随时准备灯前急刹——这必将造成更多追尾事故。”有的市民还抱怨啊:“今晚回家路上,在一个路口马上要越线时,绿灯突然转黄灯了,我试了试,根本不可能在线内停下来,只好硬着头皮开了过去。不知道制定新交通法规的官员们,在这种情况下能不能停下来?赞成更严厉的交通法规,但是倘若严厉到让人无法做到,必然导致执行中的睁一只眼闭一只眼,就看谁比较倒霉撞在枪口上了。”在大部分市民的反对声中,公安部发表表示:闯黄灯将以教育为主,暂不处罚。于是,这个新交规禁止闯黄灯就被迫撤回了。其实在中国啊,每一个机动车驾驶员每年有12分,如果这12分被扣完了,驾驶执照就会被吊销。所以闯黄灯扣6分是一个非常严厉的惩罚。
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Lesson Title:
The new regulation of "No running yellow lights" is repealed.
Lesson Summary:
"Stop when lights turn red, start when lights turn green, and slow down when lights turn yellow." Do you think running yellow lights breaks the traffic rule?
Lesson Content:
A new traffic regulation was implemented on January.1st in 2013. However, the new regulation of “Stop running yellow lights”, called “The unprecedentedly strictest traffic regulation”, was repealed after only a few days. Among the items in the regulation, the item of “Six points for running yellow lights” brings about the largest argument. The function of yellow lights, unlike red lights and green lights, is not clear enough for drivers to react. The Ministry of Public Security claims that the aim of the regulation is to cultivate a habit of slowing down at the crossing; nevertheless, the public regard this regulation as undermining the existence of yellow lights. Some citizens indicate that it’s difficult for them to deal with yellow lights on the first day of conduction, and that they may slow down the car to the slowest speed before there is still fifty meters left, which may lead to more rear-end accidents. Some citizens complain that on their way home, they found it’s impossible to stop within the line the second when the lights switch to yellow, only to drive directly pass the crossing. We wonder if the officials making the regulation can manage to stop at the same situation. We support more strict traffic regulation, but it may make the traffic order worse instead, and make justification more difficult. Considering the public’s attitudes, the Ministry of Public Security declares that they won’t punish the drivers who run the yellow lights currently; they wish all the drivers can try their best to slow down at the crossings. This new traffic regulation ends up failed. The fact is that in China, every motor driver has twelve points every year, when there is no points left, the license will be withdrew. As a result, cutting six points for running yellow lights is harsh to the drivers.
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