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Lesson Title:
CSLPOD Introduction
Lesson Summary:
This is CSLPOD, Chinese second language podcast community. Today is our first lesson. Here you will learn how best to use CSLPOD learn Chinese to improve your Chinese level.
Lesson Content:
Hello! Welcome to CSLPOD Chinese second language podcast community. You definitely want to know what CSLPOD is. Do not worry, we have this to tell you the answer: CSLPOD is 'Chinese as Second Language Podcast' abbreviation is just that the Chinese second language podcast community.
CSLPOD was conceived in the capital of China - Beijing. We hope CSLPOD will make friends who would like to know more about Chinese. We will provide short interesting articles, and hope these essays give you happiness learning Chinese. Whether you currently live in China, are available through CSLPOD podcast community to learn authentic Chinese. The CSLPOD each will have two or three parts: first, a brief introduction about the main topic of CSLPOD, then slowly read the essay; the second part, more difficult for the article, CSLPOD will explain the essay's significant words and phrases, and Chinese people usually will tell you how to use these words and phrases. (For simpler article, CSLPOD will skip that part) the third part is the Chinese people speaking at normal speed again. Then you should try to listen and see if you can understand most of the content.
CSLPOD recommends that you study, the first full hearing once all of the content, and then a few times more to listen to the first part. So stick with it, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that your level of listening and speaking has greatly improved. CSLPOD the first part of the essay from our website free of charge.
Also, please tell us by EMAIL where you live in your country and city, what CSLPOD topics you want to hear, as well as your views and suggestions. Thanks for listening to today's CSLPOD. Hope you like CSLPOD, hope CSLPOD can help you in a happy atmosphere of learning Chinese and using Chinese. Until next time, good-bye!
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Lesson Title:
Introduction to CSLPOD
Lesson Summary:
This is CSLPOD, Chinese as Second Language Podcast. Today we are going have our first lesson. Here you will know how to study and improve Chinese with CSLPOD.
Lesson Content:
Hello. Welcome to the CSLPOD and maybe you wonder what the CSLPOD is about. Take it easy and here is the answer: CSLPOD is the abbreviation of Chinese as Second Language Podcast.

Beijing, China is home to CSLPOD and we hope that friends who like Chinese learn more about Chinese via CSLPOD. With concise but interesting articles, we sincerely hope that brings you delight. No matter where you live, China or other countries around the world, you can study native Chinese by CSLPOD. In each issue, there would be two or three parts: the main topic would be introduced in the first part and an article would be read at a relatively slow speed; for some articles, which are more difficult to understand, key words and terms would be explained and you would know how Chinese people use them in daily life. (It would be omitted in simpler articles.) In the third part, the article would be read at a standard speed. In this part you are advised that listen to it and find if you can understand most of it.

We suggest you that listen to a whole article before you listen to the first part more times. After a certain period of perseverance, you would surprisingly find out that your listening and speaking skills are improved remarkably. The first part of every issue could be obtained on our website, for free.

Besides, you are welcome to email us your countries and cities, topics you want to hear on CSLPOD and advice and suggestion you may want to give. Thanks for listening. We hope you enjoy it and study Chinese and use Chinese in a delightful mood.

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