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Intermediate #1754 视频会议
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Xintao: Who is in charge of the video conference next week?
Yangyang: Me. The manager named me to be responsible for it.
Xintao: Good. The manager has a higher opinion of you.
Yangyang: Yes. I also feel it. But I don’t know whether I’m ready for it.
Xintao: I managed video conference before. You tell me which step are you in, I can share my suggestions with you.
Yangyang: That’s great. The conference is managed at 10 AM as my plan. And …
Xintao: Wait a moment, if the conference is managed at 10 AM, that is 3 AM in England. Do you think it’s appropriate?
Yangyang: Ah, I forgot to consider the time difference! I’m going to reset the agenda. There is still time for me.
Xintao: You need also to record every participant’s contact to ensure you can contact them before and in the conference.
Yangyang: Thank you for your reminder!
Xintao: Will you host the whole video conference?
Yangyang: Yes, I think so.
Xintao: You need to make clearly for every participant’s name and title with no any mistake. Yangyang, are you listening to me?
Yangyang: Yes, I’m listening. It seemed that there are plenty of work should be done as your word.
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