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  • Published :     09/16/2014
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UpperIntermediate #1731 约会
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Yangyang: Xintao, What are you staring at? Your eye sight looks straight.
Xintao: Ah? No, I’m not. Stop talking nonsense.
Yangyang: Oh. Are you staring at that beauty? You can go straight and talk with her. And ask her numbers.
Xintao: I have no that romance. Do you see that guy walking with her? Only such kind of tall, rich and handsome man can have her numbers.
Yangyang: From my view, he can’t equate with you! The only weakness of you is lack of confidence.
Xintao: Look at that, she gave her numbers to him. I have no chance any more.
Yangyang: Wait, look at that guy, he unexpectedly threw away the numbers. Wait here.
Xintao: Hey, where are you going?
Yangyang: I picked it back for you! Take it. It’s her numbers. Make a call now!
Xintao: Call her?! Is it too abruptly? Are you crazy? She will take me as a dirty dog.
Yangyang: no no no. She will think you are brave.
Xintao: What shall I talking to her? I can’t directly say: “ Hey, we don’t know each other. But can I ask you dating with me?”
Yangyang: You tell her directly, you fall in love with her at the first glance, so you want have a dating with her.
Xintao: If her ask me how I get her numbers, what should I say?
Yangyang: You can tell her you will let her know the answer at your first dating with her. You seem mysterious. She will take it.
Xintao: No, I can’t do that.
Yangyang: You can do it! Nothing venture,nothing gain!
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