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  • Published :     08/29/2014
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UpperIntermediate #1723 千人千面
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    心涛: 不客气。我再给你介绍介绍你将要朝夕相处的同事吧。那边的那个是小李,她人很好,但是一个完美主义者。如果你要和她一起共事,记住了,她在各个方面都很挑剔,不仅限于工作方面。





    洋洋: 这可不是什么好消息啊。



    心涛: 咳咳,你觉得呢?


Yangyang: Thanks for letting me know something about the company.
Xintao: Never mind. Let me introduce your colleagues to you. The person over there is Xiao Li, who is kind but also a ferfectionist. If you’re going to work with her, remember, she’s picky in every aspect not just in work.
Yangyang: OK. I’ll remember that.
Xintao: The guy in white shirt is Xiao Liu, who is a lazy trouble maker. Stay away from him.
Yangyang: Thanks for your warning.
Xintao: The guy who is in black skirt is Lao Yang. She’s your supervisor and also a picky workaholic. She expects everybody works the way she works.
Yangyang: That’s not good news.
Xintao: Don’t worry. The guy who’s standing next to Lao Yang is Xiao Wang. He’s a Jack of all trades and master of none. He is ambitious but aloof. You’d better not start on him.
Yangyang: OK. Thanks for telling me all these. By the way, who gossips most in the office?Xintao: What do you think?
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