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Advanced #1476 面试
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YY: Dear interviewers, good morning!
Interviewer: Hello! Please start with a short self-introduction.
YY: All right. My name is Yang Yang. I graduated from Beijing Language University. My major is Chinese Linguistics & Literature. I would like to apply for the position of manager assistant.
I: What are your competitive advantages for this position?
YY: After graduation, I worked as an assistant of chief editor in a newspaper office for a while. I have a very good command of writing. What’s more, while I was in the university, I was a student leader and had successfully organized many large-scale school activities. I think my advantages are being attentive, patient and smart.
I: What do you think are the most important qualities to be a manager assistant?
YY: I think the most important qualities for a manager assistant are: attentiveness, patience and dexterity. He/she needs to be able to not only read the leader clearly, assist the manager in remembering the arrangements of various issurs, but also deal with other employees andrelations with other companies at the same time.
I: You are very eloquent. Would you tell us your salary expectation?
YY: I hope it can reach 10,000 Yuan a year.
I: The job of a manager assistant is very trivial and you will be working under high pressure. Are you sure you are qualified to the occupation?
YY: Even though I don't have any previous experience as a manager assistant, I think I can handle the job. I also appreciate that your company would give me this great opportunity. I will definitely work to your satisfaction.
I: You have convinced us. Congratulations! You are in.

--Translated by Jewel@CSLPOD
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